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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the C-Gap work?

A: The appropriately sized hollow bulb is loaded in between the fixed and moving plates/mantles of the cleared crusher. When the gap closes the bulb is squeezed and air pressure increases proportional to the CSS. This pressure correlates to a gap size for the chosen bulb size with this value being presented on the hand held unit read out.
The C-Gap can be calibrated easily with a lead weight etc. It is recommended that the C-Gap is calibrated every month on each crusher to ensure continued accuracy.

Q: Can the C-Gap be used for all crushers?

A: Yes- apart from HPGR’s and rolls crushers.
For fast spinning cone crushers such as the Metso HP at small CSS’s (< 40mm), the CSS can only be measured upon shutting the crusher down for daily/shift checks OR when the crushers are able to be braked. Otherwise, the C-Gap is compatible for all other cone crushers (Sandviks, Jacques etc), Gyratorys and Jaw Crushers.

Q: How much is the C-Gap?

A: Please complete the Customer Technical Form for a customised proposal.

Q: What size CSS can the C-Gap measure?

A: 6mm through to 250mm.

Q: How often do you need to change bulbs? What are the wear parts?

A: With the bulbs being constructed of high wear resistant rubber, previous operations have reported these bulbs need to be replaced annually. Please follow the instruction and please ensure the chamber is free of rocks before measuring the CSS.

Q: How do you operate the unit?

A: The appropriate sized bulb and hose length is selected for a particular crusher. The unit is turned on, and once the correct colour coded bulb is selected on the operating screen the unit is ready for use. An instruction manual is included with the purchase of the C-Gap.

Q: What recommended spares should I carry?

A: Spare bulbs and AA batteries.

Q: How much is the C-Gap?

A: In order to develop an individualised quotation, please complete the Customer Technical sheet found on this website. This will determine what hose length and bulb sizes are required. Depending on a sites requirements, the price will vary.

Q: Is it RCM certified?

A: Yes. The C-Gap was certified on the 28th of October 2014 against AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2009. It is also certified for use in the US and Canada (FCC and ICES certification)

Q: Does Mintap have adequate and appropriate insurance?

A: Yes, Mintap is insured for AUD$20M public liability, Workers Compensation and $1M Professional Indemnity. Certification details are available if required

Q: What is the warranty?

A: There is a 12 months manufacturer warranty.

Q: What powers the C-Gap?

A: 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries (I max= 120mA DC).

Q: What is the operating temperature range of the C-Gap?

A: -10 Degrees Celius to +45 Degrees Celius.

Q: What is the repetitive accuracy?

A: +/- 0.5mm

Q: What is the maximum hose length available?

A: 30m ensuring that the C-Gap is suitable for large gyratory crushers

Q: Where is Mintap, and does it service elsewhere?

A: Mintap is located in Perth, Western Australia and can assist with any global enquiry. Mintap has Agents in Johannesburg, Santiago and the USA servicing the continents of Africa and South America and the USA/Canada respectively. Please see contacts page for information.

Q: How do you ship it?

A: Mintap uses DHL Express where possible.