About C-Gap

Mintap is the global distributor of the German-designed and manufactured C-Gap Measuring Device. The C-Gap Measuring Device enables mining and quarrying operations the ability to effectively measure the Closed Side Setting (CSS) in Gyratory, Jaw and Cone crushers.

The C-Gap allows for the measurement of CSS’s between 6mm and 255mm on hoses that vary from 3m to 30m. The transportable system containing the C-Gap console, bulbs and hoses can be used across mine and quarry sites to monitor a broad range of crushers.

With safety, environment, production and operating cost benefits, the C-Gap will become a crucial part of any operation.

“Because you can’t manage what you don’t monitor. “


What is the Closed Side Setting (CSS)?

The Closed Side Setting (CSS) is the narrowest gap between a fixed and moving plate on a jaw crusher or the rotating bowl and concave liners on a cone/gyratory crusher.

Despite its vital importance the CSS is generally unknown and inaccurately and infrequently reported.

How does the C-Gap work?

To prepare for the CSS measurement the appropriate colour-coded bulb is selected for the CSS target range and the correct hose length is connected to the bulb and then to the C-Gap console. After switching on the device the correct bulb/hose combination is selected.

Operator/s stand in a safe position above the entry to the crusher passing the bulb down through the cleared crusher to the nip point. This removes the need to send personnel under the crusher to manually measure the CSS.

As the bulb is passed through between the fixed and moving plates/mantles the bulb is squeezed. As the bulb is squeezed, the air pressure within the hose increases. Through the ability to correlate air pressure to CSS through manual calibration the CSS is measured, accurate within +/- 0.5mm. The value of the CSS is displayed on the C-Gap handheld console. It is recommended that multiple measurements are taken to determine the narrowest gap.

The C-Gap can be calibrated easily with a lead weight etc. It is recommended that the C-Gap is calibrated every month on each crusher to ensure continued accuracy.
C-Gap is certified according to AS/NZS CISPR 22: 2009.

C-Gap Benefits at a Glance



  • Eliminates the need to remove items from the conveyor belt
  • Removes the need to carry down heavy buckets full of old lead weights.
  • No need to enter the crusher chamber to measure the gap


  • Significantly reduces the consumption of lead and aluminium foil.
  • Improved power efficiency of downstream circuits through optimisation of crusher CSS.
  • Crusher wear can be monitored with greater accuracy as the CSS can be maintained with higher accuracy.


  • Reduces downtime associated with measuring the gap- North, South, East and West measurements within 5 minutes as the bulb does not need to be retrieved between each of the four measurements.
  • Only requires one Operator.
  • CSS can be measured every shift or more ensuring the optimal gap is maintained.


  • Significantly reduced lead consumption.
  • Improved monitoring of crusher wear parts.

C-Gap globally

The C-Gap measuring device is now available worldwide. Please select your region for distributor information.

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