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Industry Applications

the c-gap device can help with crusher gap measurements
Quarrying & Earth Moving
mintaps device can help with crusher gap measurement

Mintap Benefits


- Eliminates the need to remove items from the conveyor belt.

- Removes the need to carry down heavy buckets full of old lead weights.

- No need to enter crusher chamber to measure gap


- Significantly reduces the consumption of lead and aluminium foil.


-  Reduces downtime associated with measuring the gap- North, South, East and West measurements within 5 minutes as the bulb does not need to be retrieved between each of the four measurements.

-  Only requires one Operator

-  CSS can be measured every shift or more ensuring the optimal gap is maintained.

-  Crusher wear can be monitored with greater accuracy as the CSS can be maintained with higher accuracy.


-  Significantly reduced lead consumption.

-  Improved monitoring of crusher wear parts. 

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