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The MinTap Closed Side Setting Measurement Device

the c gap device can be used to measure crusher side settings
Mintap is the proud distributor of the German designed and manufactured C-Gap.

Over 70 projects in 25 countries are benefiting from the use of the C-Gap in the measurement of their Gyratory, Jaw and/or Cone Crushers.

With safety, environment, production and operating cost benefits, the C-Gap has become a crucial part of these mining and quarrying operations. The reason- You can't manage what you don't monitor.

The C-Gap has been introduced to the following countries: Australia, The Philippines, Russia, USA, Africa, Chile and Canada.

The C-Gap in now available via local agents in South and North America and Africa. Please view their contact details below. For South American enquiries, please refer to the contact details here and C-Gap presentation in Spanish here

“You don’t know what you don’t know

You don’t measure what you don’t value

You can’t value what you don’t measure

If you can’t measure it you can’t control it

If you can’t control it you can’t improve it.”



Mintap Services Pty Ltd proudly donates to the Rachael Doherty Foundation who advocates for the establishment of a clinical network for new generation drug trials and cancer research. Please see their website for details.


Introducing the C-Gap

C-Gap Measurement Bulbs
introducing the mintap c-gap

A selection of bulbs arriving in a dust proof carry case allows the user to effectively measure Closed Side Settings of between 6mm to 250mm.

C-Gap Hand Held Device
the C-gap hand held device measurement bulbs

The IP54 dust and splash proof hand held device is ergo dynamically designed and light allowing ease of operation.

C-Gap Usage
The c-gap measures the closed side settings in crushers

The C-Gap can effectively measure Closed Side Settings of between 6mm to 250mm to an accuracy of 1mm in Gyratory, Jaw and Cone Crushers.